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It's a little horror that I tried to make it pretty cinematic with cutscenes and a little story. If you guys like it, then from this demo I can make a full-fledged game.

If you want to support, then download the game in app store or google play for free.

Updated 3 days ago
Published 4 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsabandoned, demetrescu, evil, hill, Horror, lady, pt, resident, silent, visage

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the exe file


Silent Playhouse Residence.rar 54 MB

Also available on


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im putting this on my mother and father, this is by far the best horror game I played in a long time, IM SO SAD that i cant have my video monetized because of the music... SO SAD!

This was really good! Could use a little bit odd polish here and there, but overall, I can tell a lot of work went into this game! I love how some parts almost felt like playable cutscenes, and they flowed naturally into the actual cutscenes. Great work!
Are you going to do more updates? looks great

keep making video games, you defo know what you're doing, this game was just pure awesomeness 5/5

it looks musty i- 💫

Hello, I played this game and I really liked this, the environment was pretty neat, it was rough around the edges but over all it was fun, looking forward to the full game, good work :)


This Game Is Awesome...


Нужно больше скримеров, а пока не дотягивает до игры, которая способна напугать


Хехе, согласен. В полной версии постараюсь нагнать жути)


Great game loved the music and the gameplay.


This is pretty damn good. You should definitely continue working on it. It felt like PT meets Hellraiser, or something like that. Pretty cool, man. Thanks!


Thank you! I am very glad that you liked it


Good Games 😃



This was pretty solid. I do feel like you went a bit overboard on the cutscenes but they were effective and I loved the monster's designs and the transitions between the worlds. Well done.

Thank you for your feedback and valuable comment!



really enjoyed this game love the cinematic effect very impressed :)

Thank You.......

And thank you! :)


I Really Enjoyed This Game Keep up The Good Work
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Thank you so much!


Developer...we need to talk. Nah lol game was fire

Thank you! Really cool freestyle I'm impressed. You improvised quickly, very cool :)


Thanks a lots, great game & the game reminded me of Silent Hill 4 

Thanks a lot to you for the feedback and video :)


Really great game. I did a lot of poking fun, but it really is good.

Haha! You made my day XD Very hilarious video. And thanks for finding a few bugs that I didn't know about.


man this game is freaking fire i love it. thank you for making such an amazing game for us on itch.io

Thank you very much! And thanks for the great video!


no problem any time


yoooooooo this is sick please make more

I'm excited to continue and try keep up. Thank you!


Dude, I really liked this for what it is. Also, for a mobile game as well? Well done! Those cutscenes were really well done!

Yeah, the game is already available on both iOS and Android. Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words. It is very inspiring to keep trying :)


What an amazing game. I really liked the Silent Hill and Resident Evil influences present here. The cutscenes turned out really good. Can't wait for the full version.

Congratulations on the demo and keep it up.

Thank you very much! It is very inspiring




I loved it man had alot of fun with this, hope to see more!


And thank you for the awesome video!


Nice demo. I like the premise and atmosphere. Looking forward to the full game.

Wow, thanks a lot! Cool video. It's great to see how people react to the game. Thank you! :)


I was a bit conflicted on this game, but, overall, my final word is that this is a good game, not great, good.

First of, the cinematics and environments are so immersive, the world, which was created to fill the horrors of this nightmare was truly epic. The character design, both with monsters and mechanics were intuitive and well made.

Yet, the use of "P.T." style esthetic and some details were a bit off. Like the flower textures, the house textures were not filled and some parts were a little janky. I guess the update will fix that. Definitely, the inspiration is from "P.T." and I can respect that the loop sequence did not happen as much and that was really good. 

Overall, good game.  

Thank you very much for your review! I really appreciate that

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Very talented, very creative, much enjoyment :) Thanks so much, I really did enjoy it. Great cinematic experience. Keep up the good work. Awesome Animation work.

Too bad you felt you had to use a lot of copyrighted music tho :(

Thank you very much for your feedback! But wait, what kind of copyrighted music? I took free music that was inspired by silent hill and left links to the author in the menu


Had 3 different copyright claims :(

Wow. Need to think about it. I apologize


might be false claims, I have not tried to dispute them, afterall Youtube is a minefield sometimes :) but loved your game

Thanks again! And thanks for prompting about the claims :)